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  • Strength In Numbers

    Why working with your peers is a good idea

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  • How To Resolve Executives'
    Most Challenging Issues

    It's not how you might think

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  • Time-Tested Solutions
    & Uncharted New Ideas

    Answer questions, and question the answers

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  • Grow Your Business

    The Vistage Advantage

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Julie Nimmons

A former CEO with over 30 years’ experience, Julie Nimmons is a lead-by-example peer executive coach who can help you successfully reach your goals. She leads a dynamic assortment of executives in a Vistage group to collaboratively tackle the toughest challenges today’s businesses face. Learn more about Julie in the June 2014 issue of Sports Insight, as Michael Jacobson takes a closer look into her influence with the sporting goods industry.

Join a Vistage Group

A Vistage group offers select CEOs, executives, and business owners an inspiring and honest atmosphere to find new, creative solutions to achieve excellence. Julie’s expert facilitation leads to productive, innovative discussion, bringing forth the very best ideas from some of the areas brightest executives. Just look at what a Vistage Group can do for you:

  • Examines and works to resolve issues and challenges for entrepreneurs in the greater community.
  • Explores time-tested solutions and unchartered new ideas: the group seeks not only to answer questions, but also to question answers.
  • Offers the perceptive and experienced guidance of an expertly qualified chairperson.
  • Expands your knowledge by availing exclusive access to the insight and assistance of fellow business owners.
  • Tackles the most challenging and important issues today’s business owners are facing.
  • Achieves results by growing your business faster than the competition. The average Vistage business grows 2.5% faster.

*A Vistage Group is a by-invitation-only group for select business professionals and CEOs. Inquiries are always welcome.