"In my experience as a senior executive in the competitive and fast-paced sporting goods industry, I have seen my share of good leaders.


About Julie Nimmons

Julie Nimmons uses her 30 years’ experience to help CEOs, executives and business owners in her Vistage Group find success in their businesses and personal lives. With positive leadership, a firm sense of prioritization and the commitment to lifelong learning, Julie’s creates a constructive workspace for Group members where honesty, innovation and cooperation can flourish.

Before becoming a Vistage Chair, Julie was a member of a Vistage CE Group. She worked in the private sector and continues to serve as a volunteer with not-for-profits, gaining acclaim for her determination and strength of character. Julie’s many accomplishments include:

  • First woman elected to the Sporting Goods Manufactures Association (now Sports & Fitness Industry Association).
  • First female Chairman of the Board for the Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s Association.
  • Twice named as one of the “25 Leaders to Watch” by Sports Edge, a trade publication.
  • In 2010, Julie was inducted into the National Sporting Goods Association’s Hall of Fame.
  • In 2014, Julie became the first woman to serve as Chairperson of the National Board of Trustees for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

In May 2012, Julie was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Public Service from Eastern Illinois University.

Leading the Sporting Goods Industry

Julie Nimmon’s career included over 20 years as the CEO of Schutt Sports, an Illinois-based company that designs and makes football, softball and baseball equipment. Her business experience combined with a lifelong passion for sports underscores Julie’s abilities as a leader and coach. Under her leadership, Schutt’s headcount grew from 30 to over 400, production and distribution facilities expanded from 37,000 square feet to 247,000 square feet, and revenues grew significantly.

Prior to that, Julie worked as music teacher, and remains passionate about the arts. Julie continues to give back to her community with an outstanding volunteer record and ongoing membership in many community organizations.

Julie is passionate about lifelong learning: for her, every skill can always be improved.